SOLIDWORKS 2020 Feature Tree Name Translation

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated January 10, 2020


More and more commonly, teams spread out across the globe are collaborating together on designs.  SOLIDWORKS Data Management tools make it easy for designers to work together and share files, even if they are located on different continents.

One side effect of this global collaboration though can be multi-lingual Feature Manager Design Trees.

Now in SOLIDWORKS 2020 though, designers can enable a new Tooltip which will translate Feature Names into any language they select when they hover over the Feature.

Translated Tooltip

Translated Tooltip

To enable this new tool, right-click on the top-level file name in the FeatureManager Design Tree and go to Tree Display then Show Translated Feature Name in Tooltip and select the language that you would like the tooltip to be displayed in.

To disable the functionality, just select Hide Tooltip.

Show translated feature name in Tooltip

Show translated feature name in Tooltip

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