How to shrink the SOLIDWORKS PDM SQL Transaction Log

Article by Justin Williams updated March 23, 2020


Within Microsoft SQL, every SOLIDWORKS PDM vault database has a transaction log associated with it that records the modifications to the database.  In some scenarios, if this log grows large it can cause performance issues within SQL and the vault.  If you’ve recently changed the recovery model for the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault DB from full to simple, we can reduce the size of the transaction log with a shrink action.

How to shrink the SQL transaction log

  • Login to the SQL Server Management Studio using the sa (system administrator) account;
SQL Server Management Studio Login

SQL Server Management Studio Login

  • Expand the Databases folder
    • Select the vault DB
      • Right-click
        • Tasks > Shrink > Files
Shrink Transaction Log - Tasks > Shrink > Files

Shrink Transaction Log – Tasks > Shrink > Files

  • For File Type select Log, and click OK
Shrink Transaction Log

Shrink Transaction Log

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