Configuring the SOLIDWORKS PDM Print Task

Article by Nadeem Akhtar updated June 26, 2020


In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, you can configure the Print task provided by the SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in to specify the computer, printer, and print settings to use. The Print task can be configured to run silently when executed or a user who initiates the task can select all or some of the print properties.

The Print task can be imported from the PDM installation directory.

Import a Task

Import a Task

The Print task to be imported, is located in the PDM installation directory, in the Default Data folder.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Print Task File to Import

Print Task File to Import

The Administration Guide that is available from the Help pull-down in SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration, describes in detail how to configure the Print task. In summary, there are ten sections that need to be defined.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Print Properties

SOLIDWORKS PDM Print Properties

To Configure the Print task:

  1. Expend the Tasks and double-click Print
  2. In the Print Properties dialog box, in the left pane, click Execution Method
  3. Select the computer that can be used to execute the task and how task execution is initiated
  4. Click Printer
  5. Select one:
    • Always use the following printer name
      • Select a printer from the list of available local printers
    • Prompt the user with the following options
      • Specify printers that users can chose from
    • Select printer based on paper size
      • For each Paper Size to be printed, click under Printer Name and specify the name of the printer to use
  6. In the left pane, click Paper Size, Scale and Orientation to specify defaults for paper size, scale and orientation
  7. Select Allow the users to change this settings to let users who run the print command change the settings
  8. Click Margins to specify paper margins and optional headers and footers, or have the print command prompt user for these values
  9. Click Files to specify how to handle referenced files and setup a folder for error logs
  10. Click Permissions to give users and groups permissions to initiate the task
  11. Click OK to save
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