SOLIDWORKS 2021 Weldment Cut List IDs

Article by Samir Lohmann updated October 2, 2020


Starting in SOLIDWORKS 2021, you can now generate IDs for each Weldment Part Cut List item that is a unique identifier for each cut list item in a Part’s Cut List folder.

To enable this, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Weldments. Under Cut list IDs, select Generate Cut list IDs.

Generating Cut List IDs

Generating Cut List IDs

Once you enable this option, you can create rules to generate a Cut List ID by concatenating cut list fields, including custom ones. You can define a different rule for structure cut lists (such as tubes, beams, etc), sheet metal cut lists and generic cut lists.

TIP: Configure these rules in your document template.

When you open the Cut List Properties window again, you will notice a new property called CutListID (highlighted below).

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cut List Properties

Cut List Properties

The CutListID property can be mapped to a SOLIDWORKS PDM BOM, since it is a custom property like any other. And this is even more powerful now that cut list items can be mapped to any BOMs in PDM.

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