SOLIDWORKS 2021 Adds VDA Balloons

Article by James Swackhammer updated November 26, 2020


VDA refers to a German Quality System, generally used for the automotive industry. This is a highly recognized and respected quality management system, which requires a 90 percent compliance record for formal audits. So, we’re glad SOLIDWORKS 2021 has added these specific balloons in the core products.

This is document specific. If you require this all the time you should update the drawing templates.

Before we use the VDA balloon we first must set some document specific settings. Click Options > Document Properties > Annotations > Balloons > under Leader Display select VDA.

Balloon PropertyManager Text Setting

Most of the time you want balloons at Item Number but this must be switch to Text.

VDA balloons have a few different steps to access them and require modified work flow to use.  Similar to manual balloons we go to the Annotation tab > and select Balloon command. While here, we must adjust a setting under Balloon Text, clicking the drop down menu and select Text and enter the character of choice. Place the balloon on the desired dimension.

This is at the very bottom

Once placed, we must select the balloon again and in the settings select More Properties. Under the Leader area select the balloon on the right side that looks like the VDA. This will change the appearance to the VDA balloon type.

This is the new VDA leader button for SOLIDWORKS 2021.

This is the new button for SOLIDWORKS 2021

The balloon might not be in the correct location or angle, to change the click and hold the end point of the balloon and drag.

To change the angle click and hold on the character and rotate your cursor around.

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