SOLIDWORKS Workflow Tips & Tricks to help you be 3 times more productive!

Article by Rod Mackay updated December 18, 2020


During this on-demand webinar, Alin Vargatu shares his 3DEXPERIENCE World SOLIDWORKS Workflow Tips & Tricks presentation in an online live training format.

One hour will be enough for you to learn and master the most efficient workflow for ‘telling SOLIDWORKS what to do’. Your mouse movement will be reduced by 75%, but more importantly your eyes will stay focused on the model, allowing you to concentrate on design and ‘stay in the [work]flow’.

Improving your SOLIDWORKS Workflow

Based on our experience of working with thousands of SOLIDWORKS users, we noticed that most of them interact with the user interface in an inefficient manner. Saving a few seconds for each task might not seem much, but those tasks are performed hundreds of times every day, so the time savings add fast. Not only that, but by constantly hunting for icons, their focus shifts continuously from the model and their train of thought gets derailed.

When first talking to users about improving their efficiency when interacting with SOLIDWORKS, many thought we would recommend learning a long list of keyboard shortcuts or complex mouse movements. There is also a lot of confusion due to the fact that for any task in SOLIDWORKS there are usually 3 different ways to accomplish it. Which one is the best?

We put together a set of extremely effective tools and techniques which we believe are very easy to understand and master. They are based on many years of experience using SOLIDWORKS and accomplish the following goals:

  • Reduce your mouse movement
  • Reduce your keyboard interaction
  • Keeping your eyes focused on the model
  • Making you three times more productive compared to the average SOLIDWORKS user.

If you find the session helpful take a look at our upcoming training courses in 2021 to become even more efficient with SOLIDWORKS.

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