How to Delete a Hole in a SOLIDWORKS Surface

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated March 16, 2021


Every now and then we learn something new in SOLIDWORKS that is so simple and yet so powerful.  Delete Hole is one of those.  It is a time-saver compared to patching techniques.

SOLIDWORKS surface with holes

A surface containing holes we need to delete

When working with a surface model in SOLIDWORKS, a hole can be deleted simply by selecting it and pressing the Delete key.  If the hole contains multiple edges, then you might need to right-click and Select Loop or otherwise Select Open Loop.  This message appears:

Dialog box that appears after surface hole edges are selected and Delete key is pressed

We can simply press OK or hit Enter to accept the default. In the graphics view, the surface looks as if the holes were never there.

After Delete Hole is applied

After Delete Hole is applied

NOTE: That a corresponding Delete Hole feature will have been added to the Feature Tree.

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