Two settings to customize after a new SOLIDWORKS Installation

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated March 17, 2021


Two settings worth customizing right off the bat after a new SOLIDWORKS installation (not necessarily an upgrade) are reviewing backup settings, and ensuring that Sheet Properties are easy to access in any drawing.

It’s something you’ll do once and then not have to worry about unless/until you reinstall without your custom settings.  Sheet Properties are always accessible from the sheets listed in the Drawing Tree in the left-hand task pane, but there is an easier way to access Sheet Properties:

  1. In a drawing right-click on an empty space and select Sheet > Sheet Properties from the shortcut menu.  Was “Sheet Properties” available in the shortcut menu?  If yes, then disregard the rest of this article.  If not, then keep reading.  It’s too convenient not to have.

    When “Sheet Properties” does not appear when right-clicking empty drawing space

  2. Repeat the previous step, but this time click the double downward arrows at the bottom of the right-click shortcut menu

    Select the double downward arrows.

  3. A new option appears at the bottom of the list: “Customize Menu”.  You’ll want to click that too.

    Select “Customize Menu”

  4. You should now see a list of checkboxes.  Check the box for Sheet Properties

    Check this box

  5. Click elsewhere in the sheet to close the dialogue and apply the changes.
  6. Close SOLIDWORKS (after saving any unsaved work) to write the changes to where they’re saved: the Windows registry
  7. All done!  Next time you are in a drawing, the Sheet Properties option should appear whenever you right-click in empty space on the sheet.

    When the Sheet Properties option appears, as it should

When Sheet Properties is opened, these controls are available

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