Unsuppress child/dependent features in SOLIDWORKS

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated March 30, 2021


SOLIDWORKS uses Parent/Child relationships between features.  For example if a Cut-Extrude feature has an applied Fillet feature, the Cut-Extrude is the parent and the Fillet is the child.  If you suppress the Cut-Extrude feature, the Fillet feature is automatically suppressed.  This makes sense since the fillet would have no reference without the cut.

Here is an example showing the Dynamic Reference Visualization tool within the Design Tree.

SOLIDWORKS Dynamic Reference Visualization - Child Features

SOLIDWORKS Dynamic Reference Visualization – Child Features

If Cut-Extrude1 is suppressed, all of the child features shown with the arrows are also suppressed.  There are additional features suppressed, such as Fillet1, due to its own parent feature being suppressed.

SOLIDWORKS Child Features Suppressed

SOLIDWORKS Child Features Suppressed

If a child feature is unsuppressed, Cut-Extrude1 will automatically be unsuppressed as well since the parent feature must be available.  However if only Cut-Extrude1 is unsuppressed, the child features will not be unsuppressed by default.

SOLIDWORKS Parent Feature Unsuppressed

SOLIDWORKS Parent Feature Unsuppressed

If Cut-Extrude1 was suppressed by mistake, going through and unsuppressing the associated child features can be time consuming in a large tree.  There is a tool available to unsuppress the feature along with all of its dependents.

  1. Select the feature in the Design Tree
  2. Edit > Unsuppress with Dependents
  3. Select required configurations
SOLIDWORKS Unsuppress with Dependents

SOLIDWORKS Unsuppress with Dependents

SOLIDWORKS Child Features Unsuppressed

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