Simulating screens and surfaces with Stratasys VeroUltra materials

Article by Stratasys Ltd. updated April 5, 2021


In this use case, Stratasys VeroUltra materials are used to 3D print electronics with multiple opacities and surfaces.


Traditional, single-material prototyping is an expensive multi-step process with long lead times. And when you’re dealing with a prototype with multiple parts and surfaces, there is a higher risk of miscommunication over the appearance of the individual elements. Additionally, simulating an LED screen requires graphics to be adjusted for the chosen technology when applying it to the physical body.

Solution for prototyping electronics

Using Stratasys PolyJet™ 3D printing technology and VeroUltra family of opaque colour materials, this full CMF car key prototype can be created as a single assembly in a single print. The VeroUltra colors allowed for multiple opacities as well as create a color match and sharp screen simulation that are true to the original design intent. Detailed graphics embedded into the 3D print file also produced buttons that mimic the sharpness and brightness of in-mold-labeling.


The ability to prototype a handheld electronic with a realistic final fit, form and appearance in a single print dramatically reduced production time from several weeks to a matter of days — streamlining the design validation process and accelerating time to market.

About VeroUltra

VeroUltra materials are available for the J55, Stratasys J7 and J8 series printers. The materials provide a smoother texture enabling high quality plastic appearance, ultra sharp graphics and high contrast print levels previously impossible to achieve. It is a game changer in the world of design – offering exceptionally high-quality, accurate colours for a wide range of applications including 3D printed electronics.

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