3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Tutorial Part 3: Making Changes in a Connected Environment

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated July 10, 2021


In our previous video tutorial, we established what needed to be done to the carving knife assembly using the 3D Product Architect role in 3DEXPERIENCE Works. This time, we will be covering the design and reference of parts and making them available to team members, including industrial designers, machinists and management. We will be using 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS (a cloud-connected version of desktop SOLIDWORKS) and various other apps in 3DEXPERIENCE Works to complete these tasks.

Concept, design, simulation and production can all be tasks that involve many professionals of varying areas of expertise to create a successful end result. Watch the tutorial video below to learn how the design and reference of parts in SOLIDWORKS can be easily made available to all your team members with a cloud-connected environment:

Task State

Up first, is a task waiting inside 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS. We will begin by browsing our team’s collaborative tasks. As we review tasks, we see that our responsibilities are to locate the battery. Now that the task has been identified, it can be moved to an “In Work” state so that other team members can see this work has begun.

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS cloud-connected Task State


The battery needs to be located so that the next team member can design a new cordless handle shape with respect to this new geometry in our changed product. In 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, we have designed the guts to the carving knife, defined various parametric designs based on product requirements, and this will be made available for downstream operations, including SOLIDWORKS 3D Sculptor (xShape) and various simulation tasks in the platform.

Accessing Files

Accessing the necessary files for this task is very efficient. With the Bookmark Editor in 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, you can directly access the product. You can also access the files directly through deliverables and/or attachments in the assigned collaborative task as well, for an even more streamlined workflow.



The correct battery pack has already been placed into the product design, so we can make very quick work of location by using standard mates in 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS. Ultimately, the battery just needs positioning, but if you are looking for more capabilities within SOLIDWORKS (creation of design features, creation of core/cavity), you can find much of this in the TriMech Video Tech Tip library.

Saving Changes

Now that the battery is located, we need to make sure the changes propagate to the platform. Seen below, the green key to the top-level assembly indicates you have ownership and can make changes. Once saved, we can put in a comment to help with finding this file in the future with the power of 3DEXPERIENCE 6W Tags.



That’s it for this tutorial. The design of the handle shape can now be tackled in the next tutorial. We’ll circle back later with how we can read 3D Sculptor (SOLIDWORKS xShape App included with 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS) components in SOLIDWORKS.

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