SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE Works xApps Project Part 7: Product Document Creator

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated October 5, 2021


Our 3DEXPERIENCE circular saw project is over halfway done! At this point, the design for the rotating guard handle is complete, but we want to make a few modifications and create a drawing that can be shared with fabricators and other external members. Using the Product Document Creator Role / xDocument xApp for this, we will continue the work on a Macbook Pro because xApps don’t care what kind of computer we choose!

Changing Properties

We are opening the handle in the Design tab of the dashboard. In this case, we were already in xDocument, but if not, we can easily change between any of the xApps that we have access to by pressing the “x” key.

As you can see below, we can change the document standard between metric and English quickly. We can also change default document properties like font, default balloon characteristics, etc.

3DEXPERIENCE xDocument Changing from Metric to English

Changing from Metric to English

Creating Standard Views with Product Document Creator

Next, we will create the standard views, orthogonal views, isometric, and if needed an auxiliary view too. Creating this in xDocument is quick and allows us to capture the correct orientation of the model to pass along the necessary information. What’s even more convenient, this command allows us to repeat the command to capture all the necessary views at once.

Product Document Creator Standard Views

Creating Standard Views

Capturing Dimensions

Now that the views have been made, it’s time to capture dimensions. Adding dimensions is a couple of clicks away. We can align those dimensions and add pertinent text alongside those dimensions.

3DEXPERIENCE xDocument Capturing Dimensions

Capturing Dimensions

Selecting Tolerance Schemes

As you can see below, any developed part needs to carry along tolerance information. Here we can select from a few standard tolerance schemes. We’ll put a quick plus/minus tolerance on the inner diameter to reflect its clearance fit with the mating screw.

3DEXPERIENCE xDocument Tolerance Schemes

Tolerance Schemes

Applying Surface Finish Marks

We can also apply surface finish marks to illustrate the precision to which specific faces need to be constructed. Like many mature CAD environments, we can specify whether machining is required or prohibited, just as we would expect to fully illustrate how surfaces are to be finished.

3DEXPERIENCE xDocument Applying Surface Finish Marks

Applying Surface Finish Marks

Configuring Notes

Notes are always needed to capture those repeated items like common radius callouts and/or schemes that a company may use to pass standard information to the person downstream. The note here is easily configured and goes along for the ride to the attached annotation view.

3DEXPERIENCE xDocument Configuring Notes

Configuring Notes

Creating a 2D PDF File from Product Document Creator

Finally, we will create a 2D PDF of the file that can be shared on a personal 3DDrive and for that external collaborator, we can directly provide an external link so that person can immediately see the PDF and begin their work.

3DEXPERIENCE xDocument Creating a 2D PDF File

Creating a 2D PDF File

The Product Document Creator Role / xDocument xApp allows for 2D PDF generation to document any 3D design in a very simple to use interface and quick access toolbars so you can streamline the process to go from design to print as efficiently as possible. Ultimately, it is a seamless process to capture the dimensions and also provide the annotated document to any internal/external team member.

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