Enhanced Design Capabilities and Collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE Works

Article by Craig D'Costa updated October 4, 2021


Explore how to leverage cloud computing solutions to elevate your designs with 3DEXPERIENCE Sub-D modeling, share information through cloud-based data management, and get your product to market faster than ever before.

Parametric problems

The SOLIDWORKS CAD environment uses parametric-based modeling, which allows for design intelligence and design intent to be built into models. While this is undeniably valuable, problems arise when it comes to tasks such as surfacing. As anyone that has attempted surface modeling on desktop SOLIDWORKS will attest to, it is a process that is time-consuming, requires a high level of expertise, and one which is not conducive to major design changes and quick conceptualizing. Parametric surfacing requires a fairly clear idea of the end shape in advance, due to the “skeletal substructure” of splines, planes, curves, points, etc. that is used to create the desired surface. Even a small change to the surface requires hours of rework to the skeleton.


So, what can be done about this limitation? Insert the 3D Sculptor role with 3DEXPERIENCE Works! This role gives you access to the xShape app, a web-hosted Sub-division Modeling software that allows for organic and ergonomic shapes to be created through effortless push, pull, bend and crease capabilities. Through Sub-D Modeling, designs and design changes that would traditionally take hours can be created in a matter of minutes while giving you a continuous curved surface that is impossible to achieve using parametric surfacing.

Sud-D modelling in xShape

Sub-D Modelling with xShape

Cloud Collaboration

Of course, a natural question might be which modelling type is the most optimal? The honest (and annoying) answer is it depends. Each modelling technique best serves a different purpose. But why pick one over the other, when the 3DEXPERIENCE platform lets you leverage both to push your design capabilities? Additionally, with cloud-based data management offered on the platform, your company’s design data can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world (provided they have the right permissions). Not only is this very applicable in today’s remote work environment, but it also enhances collaboration between team members, quickening design cycles and getting your product to market as soon as possible.

An engineer working in SOLIDWORKS can work concurrently with an industrial designer using xShape to produce a finished model. Because all the data is stored in the cloud, the designer can pull a SOLIDWORKS assemby into xShape and use it as a reference to create the required surface through sub-D modelling. On the engineer’s side, a surface created in xShape can be seamlessly brought into SOLIDWORKS, and parametric modelling tools can be leveraged to create holes and other features. Check out the video below for a real-life example of this workflow.

If surfacing is an important part of your workflow, combining the power of sub-D and parametric modelling through 3DEXPERIENCE Works is a no-brainer. So what are you waiting for? Contact the Javelin team to learn more!

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