How to search the contents of documents in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated March 1, 2022


Have you ever wanted to find a document, but can’t remember the filename and only know a word or phrase that is inside the document? With SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional you can search files for words in their content to quickly locate your document.

In the video below TriMech System Architect, Keith Thompson, shows how to configure the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Content Search to enable searching the contents of documents in a PDM vault. Whether the file is a SOLIDWORKS document or a Microsoft Office document, you can use SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to search document content or properties to find the right file.

Featured in this data management on-demand webinar

In this on-demand webinar, Keith covers:

  • Configuring Content Search in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  • Setting up the index server for a vault
  • Learn how to use Content Search to find files
  • How to remove a vault index

About The Presenter

Keith Thompson, System Architect – Data Management

Keith is a Certified SOLIDWORKS, PDM and DriveWorks Professional and has over 30 years in the mechanical engineering and configuration management fields. In his current role, he supports clients looking to implement SOLIDWORKS PDM and/or SOLIDWORKS Manage, including giving guidance on migration of legacy CAD data. Keith is also a specialist in the areas of 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and DriveWorks CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote) application.

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, powered by Microsoft SQL Server Standard, allows your entire enterprise to easily share data and collaborate on designs.

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