Why won’t my origin destination arrow work in SOLIDWORKS Electrical?

Article by Jesse Deane updated May 8, 2023


Origin-destination arrows can be used to create a continuity link between wires in different areas of a single sheet, or to show a continuity link between wires that are displayed on separate sheets. So, what happens when you attempt to insert the arrows, and the green circle that indicates an arrow can be placed does not show up? In this article, we will look at why the origin destination arrow won’t work and how to fix it.

origin destination arrows

In most cases, this is because the wires styles of the wires which the user is selecting for the origin-destination arrows do not match. In order to place origin-destination arrows, the wire styles of the wires you are selecting must be the same.

wire style management

There are a couple of ways to check and modify the wire style. One way is to right-click on the wire in question, then go to Wire style > Properties. From here, you can check the properties of the wire style for this individual wire, then right click and replace it with the appropriate wire so that a continuity link can be made. To edit the wire style properties on a project level, one can navigate to the wire style configuration located under the Electrical Project tab and view the wire styles used throughout the project.

modify wire style

Once this wire style compatibility issue is cleared up, we can navigate to the Schematic tab and insert the origin-destination arrows as desired. The green circle will show for the wires with a matching wire style. Hopefully you found this tip to solve why the origin destination arrow doesn’t work helpful!

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