Enable E-Mail Notifications for Enhanced 3DEXPERIENCE Collaboration

Article by Sarah Taylor updated June 14, 2023


On the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, users receive Notifications from applications across the platform for various reasons. Learn how you can manage your 3DEXPERIENCE notifications.

A few examples of 3DEXPERIENCE notifications you may see include:

  • You have been assigned a task
  • You have been mentioned in a comment
  • You have been invited to join a collaborative space
  • Someone published a post in a 3DSwym Community
  • Someone has requested access to a role
  • And more…

Notifications are found in the upper right corner of the main 3DEXPERIENCE interface as a bell icon. When a user receives a notification, an orange number will appear on the bell to indicate how many unread notifications the user has. Keep reading to learn how to have your 3DEXPERIENCE notifications delivered to your e-mail inbox!

Solutions for 3dexperience notifications

How to enable E-mail 3DEXPERIENCE Notifications

Click on the notification bell icon to open the 3DNotification Center. From here, click the settings gear and select Preferences.

navigate to preferences

Navigate to preferences

In the list of apps, the specific notification settings can be personalized for each one. Select the app you wish to enable e-mail notifications for. For example, I will select 3DSwym. If you want to enable e-mail notifications for multiple apps, you will need to go through the following steps for each app.

3dswym 3dexperience notifications

List of Apps

After selecting an app, you will see the possible notifications that can be toggled on/off as needed. Additionally, you can specify where the notifications will appear. By default, the Notification Center and Alerts are enabled. Click on “Mail” to allow notifications to be sent to your e-mail inbox!

Enable Mail Notifications

Enable Mail Notifications

NOTE: Your notifications will be sent to the email address associated with your 3DEXPERIENCE Login.

Browser Notifications

In addition to turning on Mail notifications, you may also want to enable Browser notifications. This will require an additional permission to be granted by your web browser, but will result in an extra notification from whatever browser you use to access 3DEXPERIENCE (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc). Often browser notifications may show up as a banner that pops up in the corner of your screen, or a flashing icon on the tab where 3DEXPERIENCE is running.

Enable Browser Notifications

Enable Browser Notifications

Additional Usability Tips

In the 3DNotification Center, there are bulk actions and filters which can help you manage notifications. “Mark All as Read” can come in handy if you received a series of notifications while an administrator made changes to your account, or if you were tagged in multiple comments on post but never actually clicked on each individual notification to mark them as read.

Mark as Read in 3dexperience notifications

Mark All as Read

Lastly, filters can also be applied to past notifications. The “Where” filter is particularly useful if you have access to more than one 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.


Filter 3DEXPERIENCE Notifications by When, What, Who, and Where

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