How to confirm your DraftSight Enterprise serial number

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated September 13, 2023


At times when troubleshooting your DraftSight Enterprise installation with your reseller, you may be asked to confirm which DraftSight serial number and product you have.

DraftSight Standard, Professional, and Premium use a standalone serial number (with a 0 in the third digit place), but DraftSight Enterprise uses a network serial number (with a 1 in the third digit place).

DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus versions simply point to the network licensing server in order to grab a license from the network license pool. So it is on the network licensing server where you will find your DraftSight Enterprise serial number, in Control Panel > Programs > Add or Remove Programs > SolidNetwork License Manager > Modify…the DraftSight serial numbers are listed, separated by commas.  One of those is for DraftSight Enterprise or Enterprise Plus.

Draftsight enterprise serial number

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