Where are the SOLIDWORKS Connected Tutorials?

Article by Sawyer Gara updated September 21, 2023


SOLIDWORKS users have access to great built-In, free SOLIDWORKS Connected tutorials integrated directly inside of SOLIDWORKS that cover topics from basic part design all the way through routing and simulation.

For years, these have been a great resource for getting an introduction to different aspects of the software. If you are a new 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS user looking for the same functionality, you may have noticed that the familiar Help->Tutorials location is no longer there. So, where are the tutorials in SOLIDWORKS Connected?



Accessing SOLIDWORKS Connected Tutorials

The Tutorials in SOLIDWORKS Connected are still accessed through the Help, just not built directly into the SOLIDWORKS help menu. SOLIDWORKS Connected users can access online SOLIDWORKS Connected tutorials here.

SOLIDWORKS Connected Tutorials

SOLIDWORKS Connected Tutorials

The new online tutorials are broken into two basic sections: Getting Started or SOLIDWORKS Connected and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. The Getting Started section is for people who are completely new to the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem and contains 4 different lessons to walk through.

These lessons follow a typical design workflow and go from Parts to Assemblies and wrap up with Drawings and are a great first step in learning how to use SOLIDWORKS before enrolling in a formal training class.

The second section starts by giving a brief overview of the differences between Desktop SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Connected. From there, the lessons provide a foundational understanding of topics directly related to working with SOLIDWORKS Connected and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Some of the key tutorials to pay attention to are the sections on MySession and Collaborative Spaces as these are two very important topics to know.

Additional Learning Resources

You may notice that the SOLIDWORKS Connected Tutorials have a few less topics covered than you may be used to from a Desktop SOLIDWORKS Tutorial.

Fortunately, MySolidWorks has a ton of great learning paths to follow. There are the same interactive lessons regarding most things mechanical design and validation but there are additional learning paths strictly for 3DEXPERIENCE Users.

These learning paths and lessons are regularly updated to ensure the most up to date information on a variety of topics. These are more focused on “big picture” 3DEXPERIENCE Functionality since the core modeling actions are consistent between Desktop SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Connected. This means that most Desktop SOLIDWORKS tutorials will work on SOLIDWORKS Connected.



Continued SOLIDWORKS Learning

Is there something specific you’re struggling with or just an area you wish you knew more about? Reach out to learn more about our SOLIDWORKS training classes to leverage your existing SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service to become a more powerful SOLIDWORKS user!

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