SOLIDWORKS Electrical Blank BOM by Book

Article by Jesse Deane updated May 17, 2024


In this blog, we will be discussing the cause of a blank BOM by book in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. I’ve seen the issue come up a few times, where users open their bill of materials reports that are supposed to feature one report by book, only to find that some of the reports are blank. There are a few key steps to getting these reports to behave properly, but at its core, the issue comes down to one word: Locations.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Location and Report Settings for BOM

Let’s start by examining the locations within our project. Having our locations organized properly will be crucial to avoiding some headaches while generating our reports. This menu can be found within our Electrical Project tab.

Blank BOM location tab

Electrical Project Tab – Location

After getting our locations in order, we can work on ensuring that our books, as well as our components, are properly assigned to the necessary locations.

Location tab by book

Location tab by book

Now that our books and components are assigned to their appropriate locations, we need to ensure that our report is configured correctly to allow one report for each individual book. Within our report properties, we can navigate to the Layout tab, and ensure that the “One report by book” checkbox is checked.

Location tab by book

Location tab by book

Layout Tab - “One report by book” checkbox

Layout Tab – “One report by book” checkbox

With that setting selected, we can apply our changes and take a look at our results within our bill of materials reports and ensure that they are populated with the manufacturer parts.

BOM reports by book

BOM reports by book

Our reports are now properly sorted by each book, and the manufacturer parts that take place in each location are present on their respective reports.

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