Apprenez à utiliser le logiciel FloXpress Fluid Flow Simulation inclus dans SOLIDWORKS.

Article by Rod Mackay updated December 21, 2015

FloXpress included with SOLIDWORKS

FloXpress included with SOLIDWORKS

Have you tried SOLIDWORKS FloXpress? It is a fluid dynamics add-in application included with SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium, that calculates how fluid flows through part or assembly models. Based on the calculated velocity field, you can find problem areas in your design and improve them before you manufacture any parts.

Unlike the full version, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, the Xpress version is specifically designed to analyze fluid flow in a fully enclosed volume that includes at least one inlet and one outlet. For more complex fluid analysis you can upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.

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Features and Benefits of SOLIDWORKS FloXpress

  • Complete Integration with SOLIDWORKS there is no need to modify your SOLIDWORKS designs for fluid flow analysis.
  • Wizard mode for analysis setup making it easy and intuitive to solve the problem.
  • Engineering goal based analysis. You simply tell the program what fluid analysis you are interested in and it will calculate these goals and present to the user after the completion of the analysis. This functionality helps you to get better engineering insight into your designs.
  • Flow Animation with trajectories to display results as flow streamlines. The colors represent changes in velocity along the trajectories. Based on your input, the color of the trajectories shows how any parameter changes along the trajectories.
  • Analysis reports can be generated. The application can create a report for Microsoft Word™ that includes the following information:
    • Information about the project file
    • The value of the smallest flow passage (if specified manually)
    • All the information about inlet and outlet boundary conditions
    • The value of the maximum velocity
    • The snapped images (if any)

FREE FloXpress course in MySolidWorks

MySolidWorks includes a video based course so you can calculate how fluid flows through your models.

FloXpress Video Course

FloXpress Video Course

The course includes three lessons:

  • Discover FloXpress to perform a first pass fluid flow analysis on a model using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
  • Learn how to set up the CFD analysis in FloXpress.
  • Generate and interpret the results of the CFD analysis using FloXpress.

Access the Learning Path to start learning how to analyze flow in your design


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