Javelin’s Top 10 SOLIDWORKS Tips in 2015

Article by Rod Mackay updated December 22, 2015

top 10 solidworks tips

SOLIDWORKS Top Ten Tech Tips 2015

The Javelin Technical Team has been hard at work in 2015 creating nearly 300 SOLIDWORKS Tips! The year is nearly over and we want to thank our 1 Million website visitors with a list of our most popular tech tips in 2015.

Top 10 SOLIDWORKS Tips in 2015:

 1 Is the latest version of SOLIDWORKS compatible with Windows 10?
 2 Selecting Base Scale for Exporting SOLIDWORKS Drawings to DXF/DWG
 3 Convert DWG to SOLIDWORKS 3D Models
 4 Download SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profiles
 5 SOLIDWORKS Simulation Bolt Connector
 6 How To Enable Xpress Products in SOLIDWORKS 2015 & 2016
 7 Adding Foreshortened Diameter Dimensions in Detail Views
 8 Save SOLIDWORKS Assembly as a Part
 9 SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a new Rendering Tool for SOLIDWORKS 2016
 10 How to Improve Machine Performance when working with SOLIDWORKS Assemblies


Popular SOLIDWORKS Video in 2015

Our technical team also created tech tip video content in 2015 and by far the most popular was the SOLIDWORKS foreshortened dimensions which we have already looked at (listed above as #7 in our top ten). Another popular tech tip video was for the display of sheet metal bend lines in drawings. You can watch the tech tip video below:

Popular White Paper in 2015

We also posted many different types of white papers on the blog during 2015. The most popular of which was Designing for the Internet of Things. Which you can download from the related blog post

Other Top 10 Lists

This year we compiled a few other top ten lists that might interest you including the Top 10 List of New Features in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016, and the Top Ten List of New Features in SOLIDWORKS 2016. We even created another list to show you features from the previous release of SOLIDWORKS entitled: Are you using the Top 10 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2015? If there is a list you’d like to see from us then please let us know via the comment section below.

Thanks for reading

You can view all of our tech tips published in 2015 from our SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip Archive. And we’d like to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to all the SOLIDWORKS users who visited our blog in 2015. We will be posting more SOLIDWORKS tips and SOLIDWORKS white papers in 2016.

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