Using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and Composer to Create the Ultimate Mini-Putt Golf Course!


For this golf themed tech tip I have designed a Mini-Putt Golf Course using both SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS Composer 2015.  First, I've created the 3D design of the mini-putt hole layout completely in SOLIDWORKS: After creating the 3D model using SOLIDWORKS I then ... Read More

How to update SOLIDWORKS Annotations linked to the wrong Model [VIDEO]

Annotations linked to a wrong model

In a SOLIDWORKS drawing that references multiple models, annotations sometimes get linked to the wrong part or assembly.  In the example shown below, the title block is linked to the top-level assembly that is displayed in the upper left corner as a reference, and not the shaft ... Read More

Solving SOLIDWORKS surfacing challenges when designing a Golf Club head [VIDEO]

Club Head

Since I'm pretty terrible at golfing, I've decided that designing a golf club head with SOLIDWORKS will make it easier for me to hit the ball. This is the shape of the club's head: Creating the Golf Club Head in SOLIDWORKS So having a concept for a golf club head, I quickly ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

If you want to become more efficient with SOLIDWORKS then learn SOLIDWORKS live over the web with Javelin. Classes include Drawings, Surfacing, Sheet Metal, Simulation, plus GD&T.

How to find Parent View of a Section or Detail View located on a different sheet in SOLIDWORKS [VIDEO]


With all of the information you need to show on your drawing sheets they get rather full and complicated.  You might want separate sheets with the Section and Detail views.  If you try creating a new sheet to add these views, you will notice that they are greyed out.  Section ... Read More

How to improve Performance & Stability of SOLIDWORKS when using an AMD FirePro Graphics Card


If you are using an AMD FirePro graphics card, there may be a setting you can apply for better performance and stability of SOLIDWORKS.  This option does not apply to all AMD FirePro cards, but it's worth a quick check. In the Windows Task Tray, you might see an AMD Control ... Read More