It’s the Little Things that Help the Earth

Article by Lauren Murdoch updated November 30, 2010


Here are a few ways I have changed in how I am doing things this fall.  Try some yourself.

  • I only run the dish washer once a week if possible
  • Only have lights on if I’m in the room and need them
  • Use re-usable bags when grocery shopping now
  • Never keep things plugged in
  • Started working from home 1-2 times a week to save on gas
  • So far have only had my heat on for 1 day (probably easier for me since I live in a condo building!)
  • Started using eco-friendly dish detergent
  • Make all regular check-ups so my car is in its best condition to drive (tires, oil, etc.)
  • Have cut my hydro bill by about 30%
  • Use brita instead of bottled water
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