Advanced Modeling: Degenerate Surface

Article by Wayne Chen, CSWP updated November 28, 2011


Surfacing technique is a very powerful one.  It can help users create complex shapes, but it can also cause geometry problems if you are not careful.

Let’s talk about one type of surface which will give you trouble when you attempt to thicken the surface to make a solid – “the degenerate surface”.

For the example, I am creating a lofted surface with two curves:

In the lofted surface property manager, if the preview shows the lines converging to a point, you have a degenerate surface.  In this case, there are two points where the lines converge to.

Try to avoid degenerate surface if you can.

When I try to thicken the surface, I get this error:

However, sometimes it’s just not possible to avoid it.  If this is the case, add a split line on the point(s).  Delete the face and use fill surface/boundary surface to patch.


There are other ways to patch the hole.  As long as the point can be removed, the thicken feature should be fine.

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