How to link Custom Properties to your SOLIDWORKS Drawing Title Block

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated March 19, 2012


It can be advantageous to have fields in your SOLIDWORKS drawing title block auto-populate with information from the referenced part or assembly. In this tech tip I’ll show you how to set up a drawing template so that common custom property data such as PartNo, Description, DrawnBy etc., will be linked to your drawing title block and will auto-populate.

First create a part that has the properties you want linked to the title block.

In the part document add properties by selecting FileProperties. Populate the properties you want to use or add new property names if required. You can specify a default value if required for the new and existing fields.

When you have added all the custom properties that you want to link to your drawing title block pick OK to finish.

Custom Property Information

Custom Property Information

In a new drawing insert a drawing view of the part containing the custom properties.

Right-click on a blank area of the drawing sheet and select Edit Sheet Format.

Edit Sheet Format

Edit Sheet Format

Create a Note and insert it into your SOLIDWORKS drawing title block:

SOLIDWORKS drawing title block

Create a note

From the Note PropertyManager select the Link to Property icon.

Link to Property

Link to Property

Use the option Model in view specified in sheet properties.

Model in view specified in sheet properties

Model in view specified in sheet properties

After all the properties have been linked, you can delete the model view from the drawing

Then select File > Save As and choose Drawing Templates as the file type.

Save drawing as a template

Save drawing as a template

Now when you insert a part or assembly which contain the custom properties [with values] into the drawing the title block will populate automatically and will be linked. So that any changes you make to the properties in the part or assembly document will be reflected in the drawing title block.

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