Learn how to create advanced drawings of parts & assemblies

Training Course Contents

The SOLIDWORKS Drawings course focuses in-depth on creating and managing complex drawings of SOLIDWORKS models (parts and assemblies) using the ANSI or ISO standards.

You will learn how to quickly create and detail any type of drawing views, insert parametric Bill of Materials, Cut Lists or other parametric data tables, customize drawing sheets, and creating smart title blocks. A special lesson is dedicated to quick and easy management of large assembly drawings.

This training course will help you to:

  • Create drawings of your parts and assemblies
  • Add BOMs, Cut-Lists, and other data tables to your drawings
  • Create drawings of your large assemblies quicker and easier
  • Customize your drawing sheets

Course Info at a glance

In-class 2 day course (6 hours/day)

Or Online 4 days (4 hours/day)

Intermediate/Advanced Level

SOLIDWORKS Drawings Course Preview

Watch an overview video to get a preview of what you'll learn

Requirements & Benefits


At least 1 month using software

Able to take time out for training

Features Targeted

BOMs, Cut Lists, and other Data Tables

Assembly Layouts

Assembly Performance

Skills you will acquire

Faster drawing creation

Drawing sheet customization

Annotation and detailing

SOLIDWORKS Drawings Lessons

The following lessons are included in the course

Lesson 1: Drawing Sheets and Views

  • Drawing Sheets and Views
  • Terminology
  • Drawing Views
  • Sketching in Drawing Views
  • View Settings
  • Centermarks and Centerlines
  • Model Edges in the View

Lesson 2: Dimensions

  • Manipulating Dimensions
  • Dimension Properties

Lesson 3: Annotations

  • Adding Annotations
  • Annotation Types
  • Blocks

Lesson 4: Assembly Drawing Views

  • Assembly Drawing Views
  • Creating Views of Assemblies

Lesson 5: Sheet Formats and Templates

  • Drawing Templates
  • Properties in the Template
  • User Defined Properties
  • Customizing a Sheet Format
  • Define Title Block
  • Updating Sheet Formats

Lesson 6: Bill of Materials and Tables

  • Creating and Managing a Bill of Materials
  • The Bill of Materials
  • Adding a BOM
  • Modifying the BOM
  • Tabulated Bill of Materials
  • Balloons
  • Design Tables in the Drawing

Lesson 7: Performance and Display Issues

  • Large Assembly Mode
  • Lightweight Drawings
  • Detached Drawings
  • Display Issues in Drawing Views

Lesson 8: Drawing References and Comparison

  • Reusing a Drawing File
  • Changing Drawing References
  • Using DrawCompare
  • SOLIDWORKS Design Checker


"The SOLIDWORKS Drawings course met my goal of being able to edit and manage title blocks and tables to display the required information."

— Rob Buchanan, Jefferson Elora Corporation

"The instructor is very helpful and will show you in detail how things work. I don't need to waste time playing around to figure things out."

— Arthur Lusabia, Prismatique Designs Ltd.

"The SOLIDWORKS Drawing course helped me to learn how to create templates. The course material was very well explained."

— Kevin Lowry, TMI

Training Methods

Choose from three different training methods available to you

SOLIDWORKS Group Training

Group/Public Training

Receive SOLIDWORKS training as a group in a traditional classroom environment.

Classes can be taken in one of our 12 training locations across Canada using SOLIDWORKS approved training content and methodologies.

  • Cost effective training method.
  • Leave the office to concentrate on learning.
  • Learn more through group questions and feedback.
SOLIDWORKS Online Training

Live Online Training

With our online training you will experience an interactive learning environment where you can give feedback, gain access to the SOLIDWORKS training files and get time to work on training exercises.

  • Online courses are typically half day sessions.
  • More effective than video based training, with recorded videos learners are often not as focused on the training and skip exercises.
SOLIDWORKS Onsite Training

Onsite at your location

Receive training at your place of work. This style of flexible training is perfect for teams or individuals who are faced with a specific challenge and require personalized courses with on-the-job coaching.

  • Use our state-of-the-art mobile classroom at your facility.
  • Bring your team up to a consistent level of knowledge by having them take the same training at the same time.
  • Benefit from flexible scheduling options.

Upcoming Classes

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    Monday, 9th April, 2018 4 Days (4 hours/day) Online Get a Quote
    Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018 2 Days (6 hours/day) Oakville, ON. Get a Quote
    Monday, 11th June, 2018 4 Days (4 hours/day) Online Get a Quote

    SOLIDWORKS Drawings class not listed for your required date or location?

    Get a quote for the course and let us know the location where you require training

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