SolidWorks Challenge: Can you Mate a Sphere Tangent to Multiple Faces?

Article by Alin Vargatu, CSWE updated October 11, 2012


I have a new SolidWorks challenge for you.

  1. Create a spherical part. Save and exit the model
  2. Create a new part containing an extrusion of a sketch made of tangent entities (arcs and lines). Save and exit the model.
  3. Introduce both parts into an assembly
  4. Mate the sphere in such a way that will be tangent to the faces of the extruded component.

Note: Feel free to “cheat” by approximating the geometry (let’s say +/-0.010″ tolerance).

Do you think it is an easy task? Try it first or watch this video, for a possible solution:

Many thanks to Jory S on SolidWorks forum for the inspiration for this article.

Do you have a better solution? Please share it with us.


Update (2013.Oct.01): This workaround is no longer needed starting with SolidWorks 2014. The tangent mate works as expected.

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