Custom Views For Drawings [VIDEO]

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated April 23, 2013


Other sideWhenever you go to make a drawing of a part or assembly you have created in SolidWorks, you are presented with a set of predetermined views to chose from, front, top, isometric etc. But what if the view you want to use isn’t in that list? How can you get a drawing view on the sheet in a non standard orientation? One way to do this is to use a custom view.

Custom views are set up from within the SolidWorks part or assembly file themselves.
To create a custom view:
1. Rotate the model to the view orientation you wish to use in the drawing.
2. Press the space bar to bring up the Orientation dialogue box.
3. Click the “New View” button along the top of the dialogue box.
4. Name the new custom view.

2012 Orientation Dialogue Box

2012 Orientation Dialogue Box

2013 Orientation Dialogue Box

2013 Orientation Dialogue Box











Once the view is created, it is added to the list of views available in the Orientation dialogue box. (SolidWorks 2013 has added some additional functionality to custom views that Alin has already explained in detail in an earlier post).

The new custom view you create will become available from either the Drawing View Pallet in the task pane, or from the Drawing View Property Manager.

2013 - View Palette

2013 - Drawing View












Watch this video for a demonstration of this technique:

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