EPDM – Troubleshooting the ActiveX Installation of the Web Client

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated November 23, 2013


The information below is available from the Web Server Guide, which can be accessed from the Help file of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Administration. I have been asked often enough about this aspect of the Web Server set-up, that I believed it was worth breaking it into its own blog article.

If the security settings are set too high in Internet Explorer, the installation may not start. A warning message that the Web client cannot be initialized will be displayed.

Check security settings by Accessing the Windows Control Panel and selecting Internet Options.

Internet options


  • Select the Security tab and lower the default Level.

internet poperties


  • Add the Web Share to trusted sites.

Trusted sites


  • Customize the security level to allow ActiveX components to be installed.

custom settings


If the system has a content blocker, such as a virus scanning utility or pop-up blocker, the Active X control might be prevented from installing.

  • Allow pop-ups for URLs
  • Disable the content blocker.

The user lacks sufficient permissions to perform the initial ActiveX Web client installation.

  • Increase the users’ computer account permissions to allow them to install Web client components.
  • Have an administrator log in and install the Web client components.



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