Locate Your Graphically Heavy Components in SolidWorks [VIDEO]

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated August 5, 2014


A while ago, we showed how you can use the Assembly Visualization tool to locate components that take the longest time to rebuild.  This was demonstrated in the post “Find the weakest link! Which assembly component(s) takes the longest to rebuild?

But you may want to find what components are causing the greatest slow down graphically.  This can also be done in the Assembly Visualization tool by using the “Graphics-Triangles” property as shown below.

Assembly Visualization - More Properties

Assembly Visualization – More Properties

You may find that some components that don’t take very long to rebuild can actually be hogging the graphics processors.

Assembly Visualization - Graphics Triangles

Assembly Visualization – Graphics Triangles

A good example of this is imported geometry.  One imported body feature is very quick to rebuild, but the very fine detail will take its toll on the graphical performance.

BASE4 Part

Imported BASE4 Part


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