New in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – A Choice When Deleting Components from Assemblies [VIDEO]

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated October 28, 2014


SolidWorks 2015 now gives you more control when deleting components out of assemblies.  In SolidWorks 2013, there was a change to the functionality such that selecting a component in an assembly and pressing Delete would delete just the component that was selected.  If the component was contained in a subassembly, it would delete the component from that subassembly.  Before that, selecting and deleting a component would remove the entire subassembly that included the selected components from the top-level assembly.

Now in SolidWorks 2015, when you select a component(s) and delete, a pop-up dialog is displayed allowing you to choose if you want the entire subassembly removed from the top-level, or if you want to delete just the component from the subassembly from where it is located.

SW2015 - Choose what you want to delete

Choose what you want to delete

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Scott Durksen, CSWE

Scott is a SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer and is based in our Dartmouth, Nova Scotia office.