SOLIDWORKS Composer Texture by Faces Tutorial [VIDEO]

Article by Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE updated October 3, 2014


If you have tried applying SOLIDWORKS Composer texture, you know that textures can be applied on individual actors only. Here is little workaround if you want to apply textures on individual faces rather than the entire actor.

  1. Select the desired actor
  2. Go to the Geometry Tab on the Ribbon Toolbar
  3. Click on Explode (This splits the actor into individual faces.
  4. Apply the desired texture on each of the individual faces
  5. Once you are done applying textures, select all the faces that were created from the explode process
  6. Use the Merge command to stitch the free faces back into a Solid body

Watch the video for a quick demonstration.

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Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE

Irfan holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and is as Elite AE. He contributes regularly to the SIMULATION and COMPOSER tech blogs. He has won the TenLinks Top blogger award for SOLIDWORKS. He has presented at local user groups and at SOLIDWORKS World.