How to Refresh SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plots [VIDEO]

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated July 6, 2015


When you are viewing a SOLIDWORKS Simulation plot and a graphical change has made to the model (like exploded views, hide/show, isolate), the original plot remains visible.  This is because the result data was loaded based on the original view state.  In order to update the plot information to match the graphical change, the plot must be regenerated.

Exploding a View with a Simulation Plot visible

Exploding a View with a Simulation Plot visible

Using the Rebuild button while in the Simulation study may update the plot, but there is a potential of making your results show a warning that the data is out of date as the model components are updated.

Here are three methods that you can use to refresh SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plots after a change has been made to the view.  In general, I find method #3 to be the quickest.

Method #1 – Hide, then Show your Simulation Plot

If you hide your Simulation plot, you will see the regular SolidWorks graphics with the updated view.  When you Show your plot, it loads the Simulation results based on the current graphical data.

Hide Plot

Hide Plot

Method #2 – Edit Plot Definition

When you Edit the definition of the plot and Accept, it triggers to regenerate the Simulation plot and will update based on the current graphics.

Edit Definition

Edit Definition

Method #3 – Activate another Simulation Plot, then return to original

When you activate another plot by double-clicking, it also triggers it to regenerate the results.  So you can quickly activate another plot like Displacement, then double-click back on the Stress plot.

Activate another plot and return to original

Activate another plot and return to original

Here is a video demonstrating these three methods of refreshing the plot:

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