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How to assemble your parts in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling

If you are just getting started with SOLIDWORKS a quick way to learn how to assemble your parts in SOLIDWORKS is by viewing the Assembly Modeling Basics Tutorials on MySolidWorks (note a free login on is required to access the videos). The Basic Assembly Modeling learning path/course introduces the main concepts of assembly modeling, including the difference between bottom-up and top-down assembly modeling, inserting and moving components, basic mating, and creating different types of assembly drawing views.

Assembly Modeling Video Lessons

Basic Assembly Modeling Video Lessons

The learning path video content is shown below:

  • Create a new assembly from a part
  • Introduce the assembly FeatureManager design tree
  • Insert components into the assembly
  • Move and rotate components
  • Build a virtual part in the context of an assembly by employing Top-Down assembly modeling techniques
  • Create features in the assembly context by referencing geometry in mating parts
  • Use drawing view properties to represent assembly configurations
  • Create a broken-out section view to show internal components of the assembly
  • Create an alternate position view using an existing configuration
  • Create an alternate position view by generating a new configuration
  • Create an exploded assembly drawing view

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Advanced Assembly Modeling Training

We offer a two-day SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling course for users who want to master the use of SOLIDWORKS for creating and using assemblies. You will learn how to parametrically relate different components in the context of an assembly, master the art of creating and managing all types of mates, save time designing complex mechanisms, create multiple variations of your design, perform quick selections of components, and techniques for working faster with large assemblies. The course is available live online, in a local classroom near you, or as a custom service at your premises.

Get an overview of the course from the video below:

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