How to Center Notes in a SOLIDWORKS Drawing Title Block

Article by Rod Mackay updated September 3, 2015


Using the Snap and Align tools to center notes in a SOLIDWORKS Drawing Title Block has always been a little bit cumbersome; but there is a tool available to center a note on a rectangle. Here is how it works:

  1. Right-click on a SOLIDWORKS Drawing Sheet and select Edit Sheet Format from the shortcut menu.
  2. Then pick the note that you want to align in the title box; in this example I have a custom property note linked to a part material which is displayed as ‘AISI 304’, as shown in the figure below. As you can see the note is not centered in the material box of the title block as required.
Note requiring centering

Figure 1: Note requiring centering

  1. To align it to the center of the box right-click on the note and select Snap to Rectangle Center from the shortcut menu.
Note shortcut menu

Figure 2: Note shortcut menu

  1. If you notice in the bottom-left of the SOLIDWORKS Window the prompt states ‘Select 4 sides of rectangle’, now this doesn’t mean you have to select a sketch rectangle (although you could select a rectangle), it can be four lines that form a rectangle. So I’ll pick the four lines of the title block as shown in figure 3 below, the order of selection does not matter.
Selection for rectangle area

Figure 3: Note rectangle area selection

  1. The text will now relocate to the center of the box as shown below in figure 4.
Note centered to selected area

Figure 4: Note centered to selected area

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