How to Copy & Paste SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties between documents

Article by Jim Peltier, CSWE updated October 5, 2015


Greetings fellow SOLIDWORKS users!

Perhaps you work for a company that makes use of SOLIDWORKS custom properties. Of course you use them; they’re terrific for populating your BOM automatically and can be used for a whole host of other purposes. However, the custom properties that you use at your company are very special — one might almost say…custom.

Let’s say your company always uses four custom properties on your BOM: “Description,” “PartNo,” “Supplier,” and “Material.” However, when you download an air cylinder off of a supplier’s webpage, they do not have the same custom properties. You could populate these manually, but that would be time consuming — especially since you know that they will need all 4 properties, without typos. Did you know you can copy and paste a list of custom properties?

Copy and Paste SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties

Custom Properties dialog: select the row “1” then hold shift and select row “4”

The Copy & Paste Process

  1. First access the custom properties from File > Properties
  2. Then, select the list of custom properties from a source file by selecting the row header (where it says “1” on the left), then hold down the Shift key and select the last row (“4” in the example above). You can also use Ctrl+select to select specific properties, just as you would in Windows Explorer or the SOLIDWORKS feature tree, or many other programs.
  3. Then give it the old Ctrl+C to copy it.
  4. You can then exit the dialog window.
  5. Open the new file and access the custom properties dialog.
  6. Delete all custom properties by Shift+selecting all row headers similar to step #2, and pressing Delete.
  7. Select the row header (where it says “1” on the left)
  8. Paste the properties (Ctrl+V) into the dialog. Tadaa! All your custom properties now appear in the new file.

True, they are populated with the same values, some of which may need to be manually changed, but this is far, far, faster than having to recreate the properties manually.

The Custom Properties Tab Builder is another great way to add custom properties in this manner. You can refer to this blog article for more information about that.

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