Adding Foreshortened Diameter Dimensions in Detail Views [VIDEO]

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated January 16, 2015

Foreshortened Dimensions in a Detail View

Foreshortened Dimensions in a Detail View

In some occasions, foreshortened diameter dimensions are required in a Detail View.  Adding this type of dimension in a Detail View of a Standard View is simple enough.  One method is to expand the Detail View circle so you can see the entire diameter in the Detail View, add the dimension, right-click and set the “Display Options” to Foreshortened and shrink your detail view circle again.  Here is a blog post that reviews this method:

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However this method is currently not supported for a  Detail View that was generated from a Section View.  In this case you can use Model Items to import a diameter dimension from the model into the Section View and transfer it over to the Detail View.  Be sure that your model has the diameter dimension available to import.

Sketch with Diameter Dimensions

Model Sketch Contains Diameter Dimension

Model Items

Model Items

Once the dimension is imported into the Section View, expand the Detail View circle to see the entire diameter, then hold Shift and drag the dimension to the Detail View.  With this dimension moved, you can resize the Detail View circle and the dimension will automatically be foreshortened.

Shift Drag a Dimension

Shift, Drag a Dimension to a Detail View

Here is a video demonstrating these two methods for inserting Foreshortened Dimensions.

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