My SOLIDWORKS Drawing Pack and Go has an Extra File Reference!?

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated February 8, 2016


On rare occasions, you may see an extra referenced model when making a Drawing Pack and Go, even if the model is not in a drawing view.  While this won’t affect your assemblies or drawing files, it does copy the extra file with the Pack and Go.

Drawing Pack and Go Extra reference

Drawing Pack and Go Extra reference

What is the cause?

This is actually caused by the View Palette referencing another component from the drop-down.  By default it only references models contained in the drawing views.  However if you had other files open in the background and accidentally changed the drop-down reference to another component, it keeps this reference with this drawing.  Or if you clicked the “…” button beside the drop-down, you can reference another file in the View Palette but may not have added a view to the drawing.

Referenced in View Palette

Referenced in View Palette

To remove the extra file reference

To remove the extra reference, simply:

  1. Open the drawing file,
  2. Expand the View Palette tab,
  3. Click the “Clear All” button.

This will remove the reference to components that are not found in the drawing views.

Clear All

Clear All

Learn more about Drawings

To learn more about working with drawings in SOLIDWORKS you should plan to attend one of our SOLIDWORKS Drawings training course in a classroom near you or live online.

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