The Steel Detailer (VIDEO Series 1 of 3)

Article by Dimos Siagoulis updated February 28, 2016


Steel construction with the familiarity and flexibility of SOLIDWORKS

“The Steel Detailer is an add-on for SOLIDWORKS which allows structural and mechanical designers to efficiently design structural steel within the SOLIDWORKS environment”.

By using the strengths of SOLIDWORKS and adding some autonomy, The Steel Detailer is without a doubt a very effective solution for steel construction specifically Mining, Industrial and Commercial use. The speed at which TSD can create structural members such as beams, columns, railings and stairs will save you an unbelievable amount of time compared to traditional methods.

As seen in the video inserting a beam is as simple as selecting a sketch line and pressing the green check mark. You can even insert multiple beams by selecting more than one sketch line. Furthermore columns can be inserted directly with fittings, talk about efficient!

Automatic File Organization

TSD automatically creates separate files and drawings taking care of all structural standard naming conventions for every individual member.

File creation in TSD

The Steel Detailer automatically created 431 files and 49 folders for the project labelled 9976.

By updating any component on your assembly all of the underlying files and drawings will also be automatically updated saving you a lot of time. This is especially useful when editing multiple members at the same time, which by the way can be done using a single command.  A major benefit of this is that there will no longer be confusion between what has and what hasn’t been updated.

Steel Construction files

TSD creates drawings for your project and saves them as .PDF files for you to use when needed

Just by discussing a few very small features you can already begin to see just how effective The Steel Detailer really is. In the next blog I will go more in depth on bolted connections!

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