The Steel Detailer Bolted Connections (VIDEO series 2 of 3)

Article by Dimos Siagoulis updated March 2, 2016


Bolted Connections

With over 50 different bolted connections including Angle, Base, Brace, Fin, End and Cap it is a no brainer to switch over to The Steel Detailer. Each connection will automatically adjust the SOLIDWORKS members, cutting, aligning and applying the connections faster than ever before. With an easy to use interface, the connections are categorized for ease of selection greatly reducing the learning curve.

Bolted Connections Selection

Connections Selection

After you have chosen the desired connection scroll down to the bottom of the connection window and you will see the selections you need to choose to apply your connection. By simply selecting the intersection point and two perpendicular beams The Steel Detailer will automatically apply your desired connection.

Connection location

Connection location

Furthermore, if you know exactly which connections you need, you can insert beams and columns directly with predefined connections. As shown in the video all of the connection plates and associated hardware were inserted together eliminating the step of adding a connection later on.

Instead of adding new connections you can speed up your design work by copying them instead. It’s as easy as selecting an existing connection and copying it over to another location in the model.

Create custom connections with SOLIDWORKS

Since we are using such a powerful add-in it’s easy to forget that you are actually using SOLIDWORKS for your project. Taking advantage of the strengths of SOLIDWORKS you can design your own custom connections and add them to the library for using later on. This can be done by modifying existing connections or starting from scratch.

custom connectionNow that we understand the simplicity and effectiveness of adding Bolted Connections in the third and final blog post in this series we will show you just how flexible The Steel Detailer really is!

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