Your mobile sales force needs this on-the-spot quoting tool that customers love

Article by John Mignardi updated March 18, 2016


Salesman with mobile quoting tool

People buy from people they like.  Buyers like people who give them a great product at a great price.  Buyers also place a high value on a fast, accurate quote, especially on a customized item.

Let’s say your sales rep has a great meeting and gathers all the details needed to generate a quote.  If he or she has to go back to the office, engage the design group to create a concept or drawings, and open up loads of spreadsheets to calculate pricing, your process will grind that sale to a halt.

Why let the customer wait? Why risk losing that sale?

Imagine if you could easily configure your product right in front of your customer, show them what the product will look like, and provide an instant quote.  (And, to make it even better, your quoting and configuration system will automatically generate all the drawings needed to build the product once that quote turns into an order.)

No need to imagine! Check out this two-minute video of a trailer body quoting application on an iPad.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more

You will learn how interactive product quoting tools are being used in various industries to:

  • Rapidly produce an accurate quote
  • Eliminate bottlenecks associated with creating drawings and manufacturing information
  • Capture knowledge from experienced people
  • Automate the flow of information between their CRM, ERP and manufacturing systems
  • Support a channel of dealers and/or a mobile sales force

Test drive the Quoting Tool

Want to try a DriveWorks powered product configurator for yourself? Check out the online configuration and quoting tool, where you can configure and get a quote for a lift table, wood cabinet, trailer body, or picture frame. Have questions? Learn more on our website and/or call me at (877) 219-6757 x217.

Launch the Quoting Tool

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