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Article by Justin Flett created/updated March 14, 2016

As a new and emerging product, one of the first characteristics users will notice is the “face” of SOLIDWORKS PCB. The SOLIDWORKS PCB user interface is familiar and easy to use for any Windows user.  It has a very modern and easy to use design environment, which promotes a smooth and intuitive workflow throughout the entire electrical and mechanical design process.  Some of the key interface features include:

  • A refined ribbon-style menu system
  • Flexible, multi-tab design editor windows
  • Dockable panels for working with design documents
  • A full set of command shortcut keys
  • Context-sensitive web-based Help reference
  • User configuration preferences


SOLIDWORKS PCB is an extremely extensive and vast software product that includes a schematic editor, PCB editor, collaboration and library vaults, and numerous other functions.  The consistent look and feel throughout each of these functions produces a dynamic design environment which maintains ease of use and simplicity throughout such a traditionally complex design process.

Schematic & PCB Editor

Schematic & PCB Editor

Feel free to check out an article for even further detail on the SOLIDWORKS PCB environment

For more information about SOLIDWORKS PCB

Read our recent blog post for a demo video, images, and detailed explanation to help potential users understand the benefits of SOLIDWORKS PCB. Or call 1-877-219-6757.

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