What’s New for SOLIDWORKS 2017 Add-in The Steel Detailer [WEBINAR]

Article by Vicky Guignard updated September 27, 2016


To take advantage of the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2017; there is a new 2017 release of The Steel Detailer (TSD) gold partner add-in software. TSD has been updated to give you better performance and reduce your workload. We will be hosting a live What’s New webinar for The Steel Detailer 2017 on Thursday, October 20, 2016, at 11:30 AM (EDT).

What’s New Webinar Preview

Here is a sneak peak of two of my personal favorite new features in the Steel Detailer 2017.

1. Delay Connection Build

TSD realizes that sometimes sitting there waiting for a connection to complete can get a little boring, so they have created a new feature under settings in the PropertyManager on Insert and Copy Connection, where you can delay the build.

So instead of inserting a connection and waiting for the automated processes of making the dummy components match the selected sections, coping, cutting, drilling, adjusting the bolt quantities, the bolt grip, the bolt length and the plate to match the position for EVERY connection, we can now delay that process so it takes 10 seconds to put in a connection automatically and rotated into position ready for a later build.

Delay Connection Build SOLIDWORKS Steel Detailer

Delay Connection Build

When you are completed your work and are ready to rebuild your whole assembly, you can select and batch build all of the connections that have been set to be batch built all in one go.

I am very excited about this new feature, because it means that you no longer need to wait for EVERY connection you insert. You can now work on other projects or go for lunch while TSD batch builds all your delayed connections. Its wonderful!

Batch Build Delayed Connections

Batch Build Delayed Connections

2. New Connection Creation

Even though TSD has over 75 different connections in it’s library; there will always be a need to create your own connections.

TSD has improved the new connection process with automation by removing most of the repetitive manual processes required to build a connection. Such as adding configurations to the connection, adding dummy components, cuts, copes, plates, hole cavity, and fasteners.

New Connection dialog

New Connection dialog

TSD have also added some very comprehensive and intuitive interfaces and dialog boxes for automating your dimension control.

You can upload connections to the library for those repetitive processes such as rebuilding dummy components; making the fasteners excluded from the BOM in all configurations; and setting the last configuration to default ready for insertion from the library into your project.

Get your software update

If you own a licence and are a registered TSD customer you can download the latest release now ».

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