What happened to AssemblyXpert in SOLIDWORKS 2017?

Article by Justin Flett created/updated November 8, 2016

If you have recently upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2017 you may have trouble finding the AssemblyXpert tool.  Not to worry DS SOLIDWORKS has not removed this functionality; but simply renamed it to the more suitable “SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation” tool.

If you are not familiar with the Performance Evaluation tool (activated from Tools > Evaluate > Performance Evaluation), it is a very handy tool that will:

  • Display a quick overview of your assembly statistics
  • Warn you if there are any issues in your assembly
  • Provide any reasons why you may be receiving poor performance.

The tool will display the overall build time of your full assembly, as well as any factors that may be slowing down the rebuild time, such as referencing previous versions of components, or having a large assembly:

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation dialog

In addition SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation provides a nice output list for the number of sub-assemblies, components, bodies, and mates within your assembly.  Diving one level deeper, it will also display the number of assembly components that are fully resolved, hidden, lightweight or suppressed.  Essentially, it will provide you with a quick overview of your assembly as a whole, and notify you of any issues that may be present.

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