Increase SOLIDWORKS performance by disabling Selection Accelerators

Article by Jamie Hill, CSWE updated December 13, 2016


SOLIDWORKS 2017 now gives you the ability to disable the SOLIDWORKS Selection Accelerators!

The Fillet, Move Face, and Delete Face tools make use of Selection Accelerators to predictively assist with making tedious selections. however, they could degrade performance of the preview graphics when many faces/edges are visible. Also, left handed users complained of unintentionally clicking on the popup.

You now have the option of disabling the SOLIDWORKS Selection Accelerators — either from the close button on the toolbar or from a checkbox in the Property Manager.

SOLIDWORKS Selection Accelerators Close Selection Bar

Close Selection Bar

Disable Selection Bar

Disable Selection Bar

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Jamie Hill, CSWE

Jamie is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert working in the Javelin Oakville, Ontario, Canada office.