How to disable SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor Notifications

Article by Rod Mackay updated March 6, 2017


I’ve recently upgraded to Windows 10 and it is a definite improvement over previous OS versions. However it can be a bit over bearing when it comes to system notifications, especially with SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor Notifications. When working with SOLIDWORKS, especially large assemblies, with your Windows system resources running low then you may be hit with a barrage of notifications and blaring sounds which in extreme cases can prevent you from actually getting your work done!

SOLIDWORKS Notification

SOLIDWORKS Windows Notification

Now there is probably some really good reasons why you are being notified and we have discussed common SOLIDWORKS system issues and how to deal with them in a previous article. But for this article I’m going to provide you the steps on how to disable the notifications so you can get back to work…

Access the Windows Notifications Settings

To quickly access Windows Notification settings you can enter ‘Notification‘ into the search box next to the Windows icon on the left of the task bar (if the Search Box is missing right-click on the task bar and select Cortana > Search Box).

Then select Notifications & action settings from best match list:

Access Windows Notifications

Access Windows Notifications

Choose which SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor Notifications to receive

In the notifications and actions dialog scroll in the list until you find the SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor (if it’s not listed then you likely do not have SOLIDWORKS running , just start the application and it should appear).

Pick on the item to access it’s settings — or you can just turn them all off by moving the slider to off.

Windows Notifications Settings

Windows Notifications Settings

In the SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor settings dialog you can then pick and choose which notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them. For instance you still might want to receive all notifications but you can do so without a sound by turning play the sound to off:

SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor Notifications

SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor Notifications

With your notification settings defined you can then carry on working without interruption from windows. And to help solve the issues that are causing the notifications you can read our previous system settings articles.

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