SOLIDWORKS Resource Manager Notifications and Diagnostics

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated February 3, 2016


The SOLIDWORKS Resource Manager (the small SW icon in your task tray that pops up when you launch SOLIDWORKS) has been enhanced in the 2016 release.  Previously this icon would just give you a green check mark if system resources were available or give warnings if resources were getting low, such as running out of memory.

Now you may notice a pop-up notification every so often when you launch SOLIDWORKS 2016.  This notification provides a prompt if something is out of sorts in the SOLIDWORKS Rx Diagnostics.  You can click on the prompt to jump into the Rx Diagnostic tool.

SOLIDWORKS Resource Manager

Warning pop-up

SOLIDWORKS Resource Manager Typical Issues Reported

Typically the prompt would be caused by either an uncertified graphics card, or an out-of-date driver for SOLIDWORKS 2016.  You can now quickly right-click on the Resource Manager icon and choose to “Update Graphics Drivers” to automatically download the certified driver for your system.  If it’s greyed out, this indicates that your system already has the certified driver, or you don’t have a certified graphics card installed.  Choose “Run System Diagnostics” to confirm.

Resource Monitor Options

Resource Monitor Options

SOLIDWORKS Resource Manager Best Practice

You also have the option to dismiss notifications, but for best performance, stability, and to stay up to date, it’s wise to keep everything in check before you even receive any notifications.

Using SOLIDWORKS Rx you can check your SOLIDWORKS system. To activate the tool manually pick Start All Programs > SOLIDWORKS > SOLIDWORKS Tools, and select SOLIDWORKS Rx from the menu

SOLIDWORKS Rx helps you to diagnose and understand how your current hardware and OS environment will impact on the use of SOLIDWORKS and can provide recommendations for improvement. SOLIDWORKS Rx also helps you to capture and communicate technical support issues with a three step problem capture wizard.

Rx Diagnostics

Rx Diagnostics

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