SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Working in Collaboration

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated April 11, 2017


Often we find users surprised with how the complete solution works and delivers next level of technology. Integrating the mechanical and electrical design space requires change from existing design practices. SOLIDWORKS Electrical collaboration with SOLIDWORKS Mechanical CAD requires a few key criteria to be satisfied. Listed are the 4 important areas than need to be setup:

The Symbol:

The symbol must be defined with the right circuits as you would envision this to operate. For example if you were working with a coil symbol, you would select the option of a Relay coil for required circuit.

The Component:

One component can consist of multiple symbols thus defining a unique device mark/designation for the grouped symbols. The component must have manufacturer part to ensure that ever symbol circuit is linked to manufacturer part circuit. Designer can add as many parts or symbols to a component as long as the physical component actually has those circuits.

The Manufacturer:

The manufacturer part must have circuit and terminal information defined properly. Such that when it is added to a component, it is easy to identify circuit mapping within the schematic symbol and 3D model.

The 3D Model:

The model must run through the Electrical component wizard in SOLIDWORKS and the electrical add-in. The faces must be defined correctly and the mate surfaces should be setup along with routing points. This will ensure that the model functions efficiently in terms of identifying mating surfaces, component placement and planning the route.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Collaboration

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Collaboration Map

Following these guidelines will help create a seamless smooth collaboration experience:

  1. One Component mark can have multiple manufacturing parts and multiple symbols
  2. Each manufacturing part can have multiple circuits
  3. Each component or one component mark will only be linked to one physical 3D model
  4. Multiple symbols can make up one component
  5. Multiple components or component marks cannot be linked together

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