SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project Template

Article by Justin Flett updated May 8, 2017


A SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project Template is used to create a new project with a number of specific settings and options. Project templates also hold any other additional information you would like to store in a template.

For example, when starting a new project, we have a number of SOLIDWORKS default templates we can choose from, such as ANSI or IEC.  If we choose the ANSI template for example, all settings and options will be set up appropriately for a ANSI project (grid spacing = 0.25 inch, snap spacing = 0.125 inch, default ANSI symbols to be use, for example).  The defaults also include 5 drawings already pre-created in the template including a cover page, drawing list, line diagram, and two schematic sheets.

The defaults provided are a great starting point, but we can utilize templates even further and create our own custom templates for our exact company or exact project needs.  Let’s say our company generally works of three unique types of projects: High Voltage, Low Voltage, and Communications.  Perhaps each of these projects have unique settings and documents required.  We can set up and create three unique completely custom templates for these types of projects.

If we know that our high voltage projects use specific high voltage wire styles, always will have at least 5-line diagram sheets and 5 schematic sheets, and a number of specific wire numbering and component numbering schemes we can set all of this up specifically for this particular template.

Once we are happy with all of our SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project Template settings and options we can save out as a template.  In our Projects Manager we have the option to “Save as template” as shown in the image below.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project Template

Save as Template

We can save out our newly created template and give it whatever name we may like.  Now, when creating any new projects, we will have the option to use our newly create High Voltage Template.

Naming and Using Project Templates

Naming and Using Project Templates

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