Gain Productivity by using Sheet Metal in SOLIDWORKS

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated May 23, 2017


By using the SOLIDWORKS sheet metal tools your productivity can be dramatically increased as well as be a cost effective solution to producing sheet metal models!

With the sheet metal functionality you are able to:

  • Create Base, Edge, Swept and Miter Flanges
  • Take control of bend allowances/bend reductions by using bend tables
  • Generate a number of bends including loft bends, sketched bends and more
  • Flatten parts to quickly produce flat patterns with bend lines
  • Add weld definition on both model and drawing
  • Use forming tools to create rib, louvers as well as many other features

Another great benefit of SOLIDWORKS sheet metal tools is we are able to design within the assembly to take advantage of other part’s reference architecture!

Going from a STEP or IGES file to a sheet metal feature within SOLIDWORKS is a breeze through the convert to sheet metal command!

When entering that command we have the flexibility of using gauge tables as well as updating the parameters:

SOLIDWORKS sheet metal tools

Use gauge tables

With sheet metal it is also easy to export as a DXF directly from model space saving lots of time in creating drawings manually!

Export to DXF

Export to DXF

From there it can be saved directly as a DXF file which then can be sent for production to the cutting machine, decreasing your time to market!

Discover SOLIDWORKS and take advantage of all the capabilities of sheet metal today!

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